VistaBright is an authorized distributor of all NaturaLux light filter products. The information on this page summarizes why we are so enthusiastic about NaturaLux™!
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Improved Alertness and Productivity with SEL
Better Light in the Classroom - Amazing Results!

A recent university study has shown that students in classrooms with higher color temperature lights (5000 Kelvin) displayed better visual acuity than the same students under lower color temperature (3500 Kelvin) lights. The same study also found that students required about half the number of light bulbs under the 5000K bulbs than under 3500K bulbs, resulting in energy savings of about 50%. Another study found that students progressed 20% faster on math tests and 26% faster on reading tests in classrooms  with full spectrum light!
NaturaLux Light Filters

Headaches? Reduce GlareNow!
NaturaLux - Creating a UV-Safe Environment at School, Work, Home and While Shopping

NaturaLux™ Filters absorb 100% of the harmful UVB radiation (280- 320nm) and 98% of the UVA energy (320-400nm.) UV energy is known to cause fading of photos, clothing, paintings, etc. It also affects our health, causing lupus flare-ups, early cataract formation, premature aging of the skin, and auto-immune system damage. FACT: There are more than 150 commonly prescribed medications that can cause photoallergic or phototoxic reactions in our bodies!
NaturaLux Filters remove harmful UV rays, while spectrally enhancing, color balancing and greatly reducing
the glare caused by existing fluorescent lights. Research has shown that using Spectrally Enhanced Lighting (SEL) in the workplace reduces fatigue and eye strain, improves visual acuity and alertness, and often boosts productivity.
NaturaLux -  Greatly Reduces
the Glare Caused by Fluorescent Lights

Improve existing lighting in your facility with NaturaLux
Lighting Filters. NaturaLux offers daylight quality lighting without the harsh glare and ultraviolet rays, creating a safer, more soothing environment
NaturaLux Light Filters

The Benefits are Impressive!
NaturaLux Filters are designed to be used with ordinary, inexpensive fluorescent bulbs. What happens when the light passes through our filters is nothing short of amazing! At once, the UV is absorbed, the color is corrected to give you color-balanced light, and the glare is reduced. Even though our filters are most effective when used with 5000K bulbs, they also greatly improve 4100K bulbs as well. NaturaLux can take the best bulbs you can buy and make them better!
NaturaLux Filters: Turning Ordinary Fluorescent Bulbs